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Join us at the  Italian group exhibition

SOGNI - Dreams

Mostra di Arte Contemporanea

by artists of  Gruppo Artisti Bagnolo Mella

( e.g.: Norbert Mayerhofer, Stefania Zorzi,  Fabiano Paterlini and others)

Organized by GABM

Opening:   3rd Octobre, 2021 | 16:00

until :         17th Octobre, 2021

Location:   Palazzo Bertazzoli

                     Via XXVI Aprile,48,

                     25021 Bagnolo Mella, Lombardy, Italy

​Sponsored by:     Città di Bagnolo Mella



We take part at the group exhibition

NATUR / Entwürfe und Wirklichkeiten

18 Flags Videolink https://youtu.be/x1BHnPcbcKY

by artists of  kunstraumarcade 

( e.g.: Helga Cmelka, Babsi Daum, Andreas Dworak, Henriette Leinfellner/Javier Pérez Gil, Norbert Mayerhofer/Stefania Zorzi, Flora Zimmeter  and others)

Nature, the garden as a place of longing, as a way of realizing alternative life dreams,

has become an important field of activity, especially in the city.
18 flags approach the topic in very different ways, resulting in a diverse “flag installation” in the arcade courtyard of the Renaissance Beethoven House. From the loggia on the first floor, the flags waft over the heads of the visitors.
The kunstraumarcade is located in the arcade courtyard of the Beethovenhaus, a Renaissance house in the center of Mödling.

Exhibition in public space | April - September, 2021

Location:    Gallery kunstraumarcade  I  

                                 Renaissance courtyard of the Beethoven  House

                                 Hauptstrasse 79 I 2340 Mödling(A)

​Sponsored by:


Join us at the group exhibition

 Zeitgenössische Kunst im Wiener Handelsgericht Wien


Kunst zu Recht - das 12. Jahr


Paintings - Photos of  113 Austrian and int. artists

( e.g.: Norbert Mayerhofer (21st level), Stefania Zorzi, Micha Löhe,  Gruppe ML | art, Thomas Nemec, Gerhard Aba, Monika Lederbauer, Sylvia K. Kummer, Rudi Svoboda and others)

curated and organized by Veronika Junger


      Warning: security gate at the entrance!

Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions, a visit can only be made after prior registration

as part of a guided tour with a maximum of 10 people.

Anmeldung bitte per mail an sand.vroni@gmx.net

Nicht angemeldete Personen können nicht berücksichtigt werden!


- Treffpunkt an den Führungsterminen um 17h im Foyer des Justizzentrums.

- Es herrscht Maskenpflicht im gesamten Justizzentrum.

- Wir beginnen immer im 24. Stock mit einer kurzen Begrüßung und begeben uns dann in die anderen Stockwerke.


Exhibition:  16th January - 30th Novembre 2021,

                      MO - FR (without Holiday) 8.00-15.00h

​Location:     Justizzentrum Wien-Mitte, 1030 Wien, Marxergasse 1a, 24 floors. 

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"Mayerhofer, l'arte è libertà"

The new interview by Gianbattista Bonazzoli

for the well-known Italian Journal

DentroCasa (Ed.: 02 2018)