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My books and readings

Born in Vienna in 1952. Spent his childhood at the time of "Economic Miracle" in the 50's. Grown up in a public dominion in the 3rd District of Vienna and Krems/Donau.

Visual artist, painter, graphic artist, author of lyrics. Cultural Prize of the City of Vienna. Literary and graphic works, multimedial and scenic readings. Member of the art-associations kunstraumarcade and grenzART, of the KNH-Kulturnetzwerk Hernals, Kulturvernetzung NÖ and the Vienna authors' association FREIGEIST m.p.h. (mayerhofer - pesata - hemelmayr). Lives and works in the Weinviertel (Lower Austria).

Some works published so far:

  • Kochbuch für emanzipierte Männer, 1989;

  • Holz für Paris 1992;

  • Seelenflügel 2008;

  • Aus diafa Sö 2010 (nm - art project );

  • S Lebm is a Insl (ed. Robert Svoboda, Verlag art&print, Reihe confusibombus, 2012, ISBN 978-3-9503475-1-7);

  • Ois laung hea 2012 (nm - art project );

  • In da Finstan a hölla Punkd 2012 (nm - art project );

  • 3er-Edition, 2013 (Antologie, ed. Harald Pesata, Verlagshaus Hernals, 2013, ISBN  978-3-902744-54-8); 

  • Bozwaach, 2014 (Hörbuch, , ed. Robert Svoboda, publisher art&print, Reihe confusibombus, 2014, ISBN  978-3-9503475-7-9); Bleib am Teppich, 2014 (Antologie, ed. Kunstverein Galerie Arcade, Verlag art&print, Reihe confusibombus, 2014. ISBN  978-3-95034756-2);

  • Hundsdrimmal 2015 (nm - art project )

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